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About NGK Metals Corporation

NGK Metals Business Group is among the world’s largest manufacturers of beryllium containing metals. Manufacturing facilities are located in Sweetwater, Tennessee; Nagoya, Japan; and Coueron, France.

NGK Berylco’s continued commitment to enrich human life is reflected in our substantial investment in equipment and employees over the years.

Mission Statement

  • To produce and market the best beryllium-containing products worldwide.
  • To be competitive in our markets while we continuously improve our customer satisfaction, our quality, our productivity, and our safety.
  • To participate in achieving customer satisfaction through employee empowerment and open communication.

Our Values

Quality of People
Embrace challenges and teamwork.

Quality of Product
Exceed expectations.

Quality of Management
Social trust is our foundation.


Incorporated as The Beryllium Development Corp, Marysville, MI.


The Beryllium Corporation was formed


The Beryllium Corporation moved to Temple, PA. (former site of PA Malleable Iron Co.)


Consolidation of Kawecki Chemical Co., Boyertown, PA and The Beryllium Corporation, Temple, PA into Kawecki Berylco Industries (KBI) (Oct. 15, 1968)


KBI becomes Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Cabot Corporation.


Cabot Corporation reaches agreement with NGK Insulators Ltd, Nagoya, Japan on sale of Beryllium Alloy business. In October of that year NGK Metals Corporation is established.