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Casting & Ingot

BERYLCO® Engineered Cast Products

Fully Integrated Services From Pattern to Product


  • The first beryllium alloy foundry in the world to attain ISO/9002 certification.
  • Capabilities include
    • Custom castings.
    • Resin bonded and no-bake cores.
    • Custom alloy formulated ingots ranging from 5 ounces to 15 pounds.
    • Complete thermal-treating.
    • Full mechanical and physical testing
    • Machining and polishing
  • All operations carry a certified final inspection.

The Special Advantages of Beryllium Copper in Castings


  • Beryllium copper can be melted and cast using conventional equipment.


  • Almost unbelievably fine, delicate castings are possible only with beryllium copper because of one property – FLUIDITY. Low surface tension and viscosity permit replication of intricate textures.


  • The high strength of beryllium copper is unsurpassed by any other copper alloy.


  • Beryllium copper castings can be easily machined.

Thermal Conductivity

  • In molds for producing plastic parts, beryllium copper’s thermal conductivity allows decreased dwell time and as much as 35% increased productivity.

Thermal Shock and Fatigue Resistance

  • Beryllium copper resists thermal shock and fatigue where extreme, rapid heating and cooling cycles occur resulting in less maintenance and longer tool life.

Corrosion Resistance

  • Beryllium copper castings are much better than other copper alloys in corrosive environments. Applications requiring extended exposure to salt water are common.


  • Fabrication may be accomplished by conventional machining, CNC machining, E.D.M., soldering, or brazing.

Plating Characteristics

  • Conventional coatings, such as nickel, chrome, copper and gold are easily applied.