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Temper Terminology

Temper Terminology

Age Hardenable Tempers 

This term means the material can be strengthened by simple heat treatment after stamping or forming. The strength level will be roughly doubled by optimum heat treatment.

ASTM DesignationDescriptionName
TD01Quarter Hard1/4 H
TD02Half Hard1/2 H
Heat Treated Tempers

These tempers describe the resulting strength after optimum heat treatment of their age hardenable counter parts.

ASTM DesignationDescriptionName
TF00Annealed & Heat TreatedAT
TH01Quarter Hard & Heat Treated1/4 HT
TH02Half Hard & Heat Treated1/2 HT
TH04Hard & Heat TreatedHT
Mill Hardened Tempers

These tempers have been heat treated through carefully controlled processing to develop a strength level between age hardenable and fully heat treated tempers. They are normally formed and put into service at this strength. They are also used to provide sturdy, miniature parts for subsequent full heat treatment. This approach protects small parts from damage and improves dimensional stability during final heat treatment.

ASTM DesignationName
TM011/4 HM
TM021/2 HM