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Beryllium Copper Rod and Plate For The Plastics Industry

Berylco PlusSupra and Ultra products are designed with one goal in mind. Improved profit through improved performance. Plate products are available in three grades from two alloy systems:

  • Berylco Plus – higher conductivity, lower hardness beryllium copper alloy.
  • Berylco Supra – medium conductivity, medium hardness beryllium copper alloy.
  • Berylco Ultra – lower conductivity, higher hardness beryllium copper alloy.
Typical Applications

Berylco Plus

  • Low pressure blow molds
  • Limited applications for injection molds
  • Inserts in steel & aluminum molds for higher cooling rates at critical areas
  • Sealing tools
  • Cooling inserts
  • Plungers for die casting of light metals
  • Nozzles & needles for hot runner systems

Berylco Supra & Ultra

  • Injection molds & high-pressure blow molds
  • Inserts in steel molds for higher cooling rates at critical areas
  • Inserts in aluminum molds for higher strength & wear resistance
  • Cooling inserts
  • Nozzles & needles for hot runner systems

Berylco Plus

  • Moderate in strength
  • Provides the best conductivity of all materials
  • Higher in strength than aluminum
  • Can be used as a total mold system or as an insert in other molds

Berylco Supra

  • Provides good wear resistance
  • Improved machinability
  • Can be used as a total mold system or as an insert in other molds

Berylco Ultra

  • Higher hardness than Supra
  • Recommended where greater resistance and higher operating pressures are required
  • Can be used as a total mold system or as an insert in other molds
Berylco Plus, Supra and Ultra Performance Attributes
  • Excellent mold alloys for the plastic industry as injection molds and tooling for blow molds.
  • They are known to produce superior quality plastic parts with minimum total production costs over other competing mold materials.
  • This is due to its optimum combination of hardness, wear resistance, thermal fatigue, and thermal conductivity.
  • Beryllium Copper, with its high thermal conductivity compared to steel, offers significant advantages in minimizing part distortion, dimensional control and cycle time.
  • Superior thermal fatigue and strength allows longer tool life and less down-time.
  • Higher productivity and cost effectiveness.
  • Excellent resistance to the corrosive by-products of molding operations such as hydrochloric acid. This property makes Berylco Plus, Supra and Ultra plate the mold material of choice for PVC and other corrosive resins.
  • Filled resins have a higher than normal tendency to wear mold materials. Plus, Supra and Ultra plate competes favorably with most steel in wear applications and it can be plated with nickel and chromium to further enhance performance.
  • The high strength and wear resistance of Berylco Ultra plate provides superior performance at neck and thread areas, as well as bottoms, when combined with other mold materials.
  • Beryllium copper inserts and molds can be joined and or repaired by resistance welding, TIG and MIG welding. However, precautions must be taken against softening and oxidation of the material. Filler metal of the same alloy should be used and oxides, oil and dust should be removed from the parts prior to welding. For more information, please contact our Engineering Department at 1(800) BERYLCO.