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Rod, Bar & Tube

Beryllium Copper Rod, Bar & Tube Products

Welding Equipment ComponentsBecause of high strength and high conductivity, BeCu Alloys are suitable for resistance welding equipment such as electrodes, shanks, etc.
Berylco 14 - RWMA Group A class 3
Berylco 25 - RWMA Group A class 4
Oil Patch Energy ExplorationBerylco 25 has good resistance to galling, high strength, high fatigue strength, non-magnetic property and good corrosion resistance. Ideal material for drill string applications: drill collars, saver subs, wire line, sheathing, etc.
BushingsBerylco 25 has good wear, resistance to galling and high strength. Therefore, it's excellent for bushings for aircraft, drilling and machine tool industry.
Undersea Communication EquipmentBerylco alloys have excellent corrosion resistance and high strength. These alloys have been used for undersea communication cable housings for many years.
MoldsBerylco alloys marked under tooling grade tempers are an excellent choice for plastic injection molding and continuous casting metals because of their high strength, high conductivity and wear resistance.