NGK Metals Business Group is the world's largest manufacturer of beryllium containing metals. Manufacturing facilities are located in Sweetwater, Tennessee; Nagoya, Japan; and Coueron, France.

NGK Berylco's continued commitment to customer needs is reflected by our substantial investment in equipment and employees over the years.

Mission Statement

  • To produce and market the best beryllium-containing products worldwide.
  • To be competitive in our markets while we continuously improve our customer satisfaction, our quality, our productivity, and our safety.
  • To participate in achieving customer satisfaction through employee empowerment and open communication.


1929 - Incorporated as The Beryllium Development Corp, Marysville, MI.

1933 - The Beryllium Corporation was formed

1935 - The Beryllium Corporation moved to Temple, PA. (former site of PA Malleable Iron Co.)

1968 - Consolidation of Kawecki Chemical Co., Boyertown, PA and The Beryllium Corporation, Temple, PA into Kawecki Berylco Industries (KBI) (Oct. 15, 1968)

1978 - KBI becomes Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Cabot Corporation.

1986 - Cabot Corporation reaches agreement with NGK Insulators Ltd, Nagoya, Japan on sale of Beryllium Alloy business. In October of that year NGK Metals Corporation is established.