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Industries Served


Miniaturized Electronics

The continual concentration of power and elegance into smaller electronic packages has always called for beryllium copper. The unmatched strength, conductivity and stability is what keeps ever-smaller devices doing more every year. Berylco Alloys like C17200 continue to gain greater popularity as great stress is placed on smaller components. C17510 also helps to conduct the power where it is needed while helping to manage the buildup of heat.

Miniaturized Electronics
Resistance Welding

Resistance Welding

Manual and automated welding equipment continues to respond to the highly competitive assembly needs of industry today. High stresses and massive current flow at rapid cycles calls for materials with something extra. Extra strength, extra conductivity, extra endurance, extra reliability. That is why Berylco alloys are the materials of choice for Class III (C17510) and Class IV (C17200) applications. Unplanned downtime is the most expensive operating consequence of choosing materials poorly.

Aerospace (Bushings)

Aerospace, heavy industry, high speed devices, anything with rotating or moving parts need to be designed with wear in mind. That is why designers choose Berylco alloys for bushings and wear surfaces. There are many materials to choose from; some traditional, and some are newer. The simple truth is that Berylco 25 (C17200) offers the best combination of strength, wear resistance, and overall performance. In these applications, the money is in operating hours. From race cars, to aircraft, to mining equipment; it’s easy to see why Berylco alloys are still the best choice.

Aerospace Bushings
Oil Exploration

Oil Exploration

Strength, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and non-magnetic behavior combine to make Berylco alloys ideal for specialized components in the oil industry. The mechanical stress of drilling, the harsh chemistry of crude and sour gas, and the magnetically ultra sensitive electronics form an extra demanding environment. Alloy C17200 is an essential answer to these demands.

Marine components

Transoceanic telecommunication systems, propulsion systems and ocean oil rigs are just a few major examples of performance critical marine applications. Berylco alloys offer a combination of corrosion resistance, strength, thermal and electrical conductivity, and anti-fouling performance that continue to keep designers coming back. When failure is not an option, the clear choice is Berylco.

Marine Components
Mold Tooling

Mold tooling

Plastic injection molds and die cast equipment use Berylco alloys in very similar ways: to manage the flow of heat and fluid material. Berylco alloys are essential in reducing cycle time and improving part quality. Fluid delivery and rapid, uniform solidification are key. The most successful operations know for sure that good parts per hour is money. That’s why they choose Berylco alloys.