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Links of Interest

Copper Development Association

The Copper Development Association is a source for information on copper alloys

Copper & Brass Servicenter Association

The Copper & Brass Servicenter Association is a resource for distributors of fabricated copper and brass mill products.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration

The Resistance Welder Manufacturers’ Association

The Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance (RWMA) is a Standing Committee of the American Welding Society, representing an alliance of premier organizations interested in the advancement of the Resistance Welding process.

Copper & Brass Servicenter Association

The Beryllium Science and Technology Association (BeST) is a nonprofit organization based in Brussels operating under Belgium law. BeST represents the suppliers of Beryllium in the EU market, as well as traders and industries whose commercial operations depends significantly on this material. It aims to secure sustainable growth of the market for beryllium whilst promoting the benefits of Beryllium in Europe.

Precision Metal Forming Association

The Precision Metalforming Association is a full-service trade association representing the $113-billion metalforming industry of North America—the industry that creates precision metal products using stamping, fabricating, spinning, slide forming and roll forming technologies, and other value-added processes.