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Cast Alloy Properties: Density & Thermal

Typical Properties of BERYLCO Casting Alloys

UNS Alloy No.BERYLCO AlloyDensity lb./cu.in (1)Specific Gravity (1)Modulus of Elasticity psi(1)Thermal Conductivity Btu/sq. ft./in. hr./°F(at 68°F) (1)Thermal Expansion in./in./°F x106 (68-392°F) (1)
C8200010C0.3118.6219 x 10617009.9
C8220014C0.3168.7520 x 10617509.6
C82400165C *0.2988.2618.5 x 1068259.4
C8250020C *0.2978.0918.5 x 1067259.4
C8251021C0.2988.2618.5 x 1067258.6
C82600245C *0.2928.0919 x 1066759.4
C82800275C *0.2928.0919 x 1066759.4

* Fine grained inpot (CT) produces properties similar to the above.

(1) Solution heat treated and aged condition.